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Travel to Naperville Like the Pros Do - On a Charter Bus!

naperville-artNaperville, Illinois — it's been called the best place in the country for early retirement. And why not — it offers all the convenience and comfort of a big city without the hustle and bustle. Millions of people go there every year. But if you have to try to read a map while making your way through traffic, it can take a lot of the enjoyment out of your vacation. There's a better way to do it — on a charter bus rental.

You can enjoy the site and scenery while someone else pays attention to the schedule, while someone else does the driving. You've seen the professionals do it…now you can, too. Travel like the pros do, in a charter bus!

Fun Things to Do in Naperville

  • Arts and culture: Visual arts, performing arts, music, festivals — Naperville has it all. Take the Century Walk through the city, where you'll observe more than 40 public works of art, from "Be the Best That You Can Be" to the Spirit of the American Navy. Catch live theatre at Center Stage, Summer Place or BrightSide or enjoy a concert by the Acapellago Chamber Choir, the DuPage Symphony Orchestra or the Young Naperville Singers. Naperville hosts an annual independent film festival, an Oktoberfest, a Civil War Days and the popular Naperville Ale Fest, featuring offerings from the area's best microbreweries.
  • Parks and outdoor activities: Naperville has over 2,400 acres of public parks and outdoor spaces, from the Naperville Riverwalk to Centennial Beach. There's the Community Gardens, as well as the Sportsman's Club and the Frontier Sports Complex.
  • Historical sites: At the Naper Settlement, you can experience a small Illinois town as it was in the 1830s. Naperville's historic district has more than 600 buildings with architectural or historic significance, including churches and private residences.
  • Shopping and Restaurants: Naperville has consistently been among the wealthiest cities in the country, so you will find a wide range of high end shopping destinations, from national retailers to one-of-a-kind local businesses. There's great food for every palate, from sushi at Shinto, Taka or Kiku to tapas at Meson Sabika or Indian at OMango. Grab a hot dog at Portillo's or a brat at Kreger's.
  • Golf Courses and Sports Venues: Some of the finest golf courses are in Naperville, from White Eagle and Tamarack to Country Lakes. Naperville also hosts a variety of sporting events and the DuPage River Sports Complex.

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